I’m Katrina Moody

Writer. Editor. Advocate. Lifelong Learner.

I play with words every day and love what I do! I’m also a wife and mother of three young men. They call me mom. You can call me Kat.

Image of the author with bright sunset-colored hair, red glasses and a big smile. And also a blue shirt.
That’s me! Katrina Moody 😀

Image of a computer keyboard, headphons, and cup of coffee to one side on a black desk, with the title in white text that reads "Technical Style Guide Template: For an Internal Documentation Project"

My Free Style Guide Template.

Most style guides are for external use or to reinforce branding. But internal projects need style guides too.

Multiple team members touch most internal docs, new people come and go, processes change, teams change, companies change … your internal documentation needs to be flexible enough to do the same.

I love playing with words!

I write about faith, family, WordPress, and other Nerdy things I love.

I write on this site, but I spread most my writing projects between my personal blog, Kat’s Cafe, my Medium profile, and my Imperfect Christianity website (also on Medium for now).

Imperfect Christianity

I write about my faith journey, some of the nerdy things I’ve researched in my personal Bible study, and things that remind me of God in my life.

Find me on Medium

I occasionally write on Medium, though most posts are available on this site or the Cafe unless they are focused on my faith (those you’ll find at Imperfect Christianity).