About Katrina Moody

Image of the author with bright sunset-colored hair, red glasses and a big smile. And also a blue shirt.

Hey! So you’re likely here trying to figure out what makes me tick. Good luck with that! I’ve been trying to do that for years!

In a nutshell … I’m a wife. A mom. A little bit of a geek. Sometimes a writer. Always a dreamer.

Being a Geek

Image: Me, Katrina, with vibrant sunset-colored hair, a bright pink fading into a glorious orange and a hint of yellow. I have my red glasses on and am wearing a blue top.
#KatFact – I LOVE playing with hair colors – so you aren’t likely to see two photos with the same color hair!

I’m a bit of a geek in lots of ways. I’m always curious about how things work, and I love to play with code. I’ll always be a student, and constantly look for new courses on writing and editing, programming, mapping processes, IT … well, the list will never stop growing.

I used to create custom WordPress sites for businesses and individuals, but I’m not taking on new website projects now. I still help a select few small business owners and bloggers with their WordPress site maintenance needs, but I’m also not adding any new maintenance clients now.

Outside of work, being a geek is still a large part of my life in other ways.

Being Everything Else

I’m a wife and mom to three young men (I just blinked, and they grew up!). My husband and three boys are all autistic and have Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome (ARS), epilepsy, and awesomeness (that’s my own diagnosis that equals a lot of diagnoses – I got tired of labels *grin*).

Part of living with this overabundance of diagnoses over the years has meant I’ve learned a lot … about all the different diagnoses, of course, but also about parenting and living. And myself; I’ve learned a whole lot about myself over the years!

I have a separate site called Kat’s Cafe, where I write about our family and our diagnoses and craziness. I stopped writing there consistently a few years back, but have been posting again. I share more posts on Medium.

I still advocate locally and online and serve as a Parent Mentor, with training certifications through NAMI, INsource, and ASK.