Infographics that Rock: 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs

Blog Posts that Rock are Key to Your Brand’s Awesomeness

Blog posts, well, they’re THE essential content creation behind everything important to your brand. But your blog posts aren’t just some dynamo of SEO goodness.

They build on one another, and on other rocking content, to create a picture of who you are to potential clients.

  • Do you write well? That tells your clients you care about looking professional and about how your business’ voice.
  • Is your content well-organized? You care about being searched (not by search engines – by REAL people).
  • Are your posts easy-to-read? Beyond grammatically-correct writing, posts that are scan-able, which can be digested easily, will encourage your readers to stick around.

Most business owners find that blogging is a time-consuming and thankless task. They write and write and no one ever appreciates their wisdom. They write about how awesome their employees are and how amaze-balls their brand is … only to hear crickets when they lovingly share the link on all their social media channels.

What the best writers and bloggers and brands have come to realize, though, is that there’s a method to the inherent madness of creating a blog post. It’s not about PR pitches and funny catch phrases.

No. There’s almost … a formula … to making blog posts totally rock.

Well, not almost, there definitely is not just one formula, but multiple formulas which can be mixed and matched to make truly rocking content stand out, be read, be shared, and totally show how amaze-balls your awesome brand is.

But before I tell you about the pure joy that comes from playing with your words (I admit to being a geek *grin*) you gotta know that blog posts ALL need some essential goodness if they’re going to rock. And by rock I mean show off just how much awesomeness you’ve packed in your brand.

The Awesome Sauce – Essential Things EVERY Blog Post Needs

The last thing you need is to wonder whether your article has everything it needs to satisfy your readers.

– Demian Farnworth, Copyblogger Media’s Chief Content Writer

Copyblogger called them ingredients. And they even put together an infographic (see below) and PDF download to help track how well you blend those ingredients together.

Have you ever tasted a dry cake? One with a little too much flour? Stale? In the same way you don’t like eating food that doesn’t have all the right ingredients (or maybe has too much or too little of them) …you might still eat it, but you won’t enjoy it. You won’t be a raving fan. You won’t want to share it with your friends.

In the same way, readers just don’t prefer to read blog posts that don’t have a great blend of these key ingredients:

Copyblogger’s List:

  1. Craft a magnetic headline.
  2. Open with a bang.
  3. Use persuasive words.
  4. Write damn good sentences.
  5. Insert killer bullet points.
  6. Create exquisite subheads.
  7. Tell a seductive story.
  8. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers.
  9. Choose an arresting image.
  10. Close with style.
  11. Be authentic.

Your blog posts should have these 11 Essential Ingredients to meet your reader’s expectations, highlight your brand’s awesomeness, and generally rock.

2 responses to “Infographics that Rock: 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs”

  1. Sharon MacLean Avatar

    Awesome ingredients, katrina.
    One I might add: A few keywords from Google Analytics on your topic

    1. Katrina Moody Avatar

      Awesome addition Sharon! Copyblogger knows his stuff and this has always been one of my favorite infographics of his – awesomesauce indeed 😀