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Hi there, I’m Katrina!

Writer, Editor, WordPress Geek

I play with words for a living!
I also wrangle a motley crew of humans who call me ‘Mom.’
You can call me Kat.

I’ve written and edited professionally for over 20 years. Technical writing has been a passion for six years now.

My inner geek has never been happier.

When You’re a Technical Writer, But Can’t Share Your Work

I loved many projects I worked on, including process mapping reports (with flowcharts!), internal blog posts, and even creating, merging, and setting up processes for a new Knowledge Base.

Unfortunately, most of my work as a technical writer was done internally and is under NDAs.

Instead, I can share a sample project I’ve put together so that you can see my enthusiasm and skills, followed by links to some of my best articles. I have many more examples of informal and informative content across the web! If you want to know more about what went into creating this project, I wrote a post about that!

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A Nerdy Writer’s Delight: Creating a Style Guide for Internal Documentation Needs

I’ve collaborated with team members before and created a Style Guide for Internal Documentation needs. That process was a good mix of several key skills most technical writers use frequently. These include research, concise writing, editing, collaborating with other teams (and team members), creating an MVP, and more.

This is generalized, meaning it needs to be customized to meet the needs of one company, and includes over a dozen placeholders where you can add your customized information.

I present a template for an Internal Documentation Style Guide, with an accompanying Internal Teams Documentation Questionnaire, to further customize this general template.

And Now, Some Articles

These articles highlight different skills I use as a technical writer. While the writing is more informal in tone, the pieces are well-researched and keep the reader’s interest throughout. All are relatively recent and published publicly on Medium.

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Photo by author, of my journal blurred out, with my red fountain pen on top.

Keep it Simple: Make Bullet Journaling Work for You

An introduction to the most crucial part of bullet journaling—rapid logging (or the daily log). This is an informative article written in an informal tone.

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Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

How I Use Obsidian to Connect Ideas and Remember More of What I’ve Read

How I use Obsidian, a Markdown app on my Mac, connected with the Readwise app, to remember things I’ve read. This article includes some how-to information on setting up Readwise to work with Obsidian and introduces other research.

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Image by Author; My two notebooks — My daily bullet journal and my personal journal. In red, of course!

How I’ve Learned to Live with a Nonexistent Working Memory and You Can Too

My ADD and CPTSD have meant I needed to come up with systems to remember ‘all the things’ and especially how to process ‘all the things.’ This is a long read, published on The Ascent publication on Medium.

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Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

When ‘I Love You’ Is Hard to Say

This article is an entirely different style and personal for me. But it’s one of my all-time favorites, and I invite you to read it if you want to see a different style of informal writing. This is a longer read and was published in the P.S. I Love You publication on Medium.

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