Services Offered

I’m so lucky! I get to be passionate about WORK! I put fonts, pixels, and lots of personality into awesome WordPress designs; I pour creativity, passion, and purpose into branding and other graphic designs; My inner geek loves the puzzle of WordPress coding, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Every service I offer is something I love to do, something I’m passionate about, something I geek out over. WordPress, Design, Life … I get to be geeky about it all!

Of course, that means YOU benefit! The services I offer – they’re the ones I know I ROCK at, the ones I know will help you kick your brand into high gear, whether you need a new WordPress site or a whole new branding look!

Geeky WordPress Maintenance Services

Image: Let a Geek Handle It when it comes to your WordPress Maintenance Services

Need a geek to handle your WordPress maintenance so you can concentrate on building your business?

I have plans to meet the needs of every size of business. Read More Information

Graphic Design that Converts

Image: Graphic Design focused on converting

Need someone to create designs that help you drive conversions? I’m the geek for you!

I can customize and create custom designs for your marketing, branding and website needs. Your designs will rock AND build on your business goals! Read On!