Design Focused on Branding You

Branding for Businesses and Individuals goes beyond Logo and Graphic Design

When I work with you to help craft a new brand identity or tweak an old one that’s just not quite right, I focus on more than just colors and logos, I look at the personality and heart involved in making your business operate.

Personality drives everything we do, from how energetically we answer the phone to what kind of attitude we bring to new accounts – and it also drives your  brand identity. If there is no personality behind a brand’s design, there’s nothing personal for your potential clients to latch onto, react to, respond to.


Branding with a Goal in Mind

That’s why, when I work with brands and bloggers, I start by getting to know who you are, what your goals are, how you plan to convert new clients (or readers if you’re a blogger). Because your brand starts with you, and your personality, yes. But it also has to extend your brand and create an identity that will help drive sales and remind loyal readers that they want more.

That’s why without a goal in mind, many goals in mind, actually, your pretty colors and amazing logo won’t add up to illustrating your brand’s true identity to current and prospective clients.

There are elements to branding your business, steps to take that will help your brand stand out from the rest, that will help you convert site visitors based on your goals.

We will work through them together.

Think we might be a good fit? I’d love to hear from you!