WordPress Maintenance and Geeky Services

Image: Let a Geek Handle It when it comes to your WordPress Maintenance Services

Need WordPress Maintenance Service? Put a WordPress Geek in Your Back Pocket!

Image: Let a Geek Handle It when it comes to your WordPress Maintenance Services

Skip the Spiel – Check out the Plans

When it comes to WordPress maintenance service, I see client’s eyes glaze over all the time. Updates, backups, security threats … Ack! It’s enough to make a business owner scared to touch anything on their own site!

So don’t!

Pull me in and have a geek in your back pocket to handle all the pieces involved in keeping your WordPress site up-to-date, secured against basic threats, and optimized for awesomeness.

Why do you need my geeky services?

  • When’s the last time you updated all plugins, themes and WordPress itself on your site? (I’ll totally wait for you to figure that out!)
  • Did you attempt to update only to find that horrible White Screen of Death?
  • Does this all sound like Greek to you?

WordPress Maintenance Service = Insurance for your WordPress Site

Many WordPress site owners lose track of the updates and backups their smarter counterparts do regularly. Then they hear about a major security threat and panic! OR, even worse, they find their site hacked!

OR, they proudly start updating their site, but forgot to backup first. Guess what? Murphy’s law happens.

Whether you perform WordPress Maintenance Services on your own site or you hire a professional geek to handle it for you, one thing’s for sure – you DO need to think about WordPress Maintenance Service. Think of it as insurance for your awesome WordPress-powered site.

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*The not-so-fine print: Your monthly service time does NOT roll over to the next month unless you purchase additional hours or Geeky Packs. Okay-dokie? Cool.

Are you a blogger or small business owner who only needs the bare minimum? You can also purchase a Geeky Basic subscription for only $29 /mo. Geeky Basic WordPress Maintenance services include: WordPress Updates, at least bi-weekly Theme/Plugin Updates, Security Updates, Offsite Backups & Recovery from backup available.

Purchase Geeky Basic WordPress maintenance services now.

Have multiple sites, more complex maintenance needs, or other concerns? I’m a geek who cares! Drop me an email!