Graphic Design that Drives Business

Good Design has a Goal – Whether it’s a new Website Design or a new Ad

If you create something with no goal in mind, how do you know if you’ve created something you can use?

When I work with you on any graphic design project, I’ll want to know what your goals are – whether you’re trying to explain your business to a prospective client, redesign a site that helps you collect new leads or subscribers (or both), or whether you need a brand identity that helps potential site visitors connect with your business.

The fact is, all good design follows your goal(s) and helps pull your prospects along and toward that goal.

Graphic Design That Sells

Not Sure what Kind of Graphic Design Style You Need?

I excel at helping small businesses and individuals tell their story, create connections and build trust. If you aren’t sure what your goals are, besides wanting something pretty, or unique, or bold … I can help you figure it out.

The design process is subjective sometimes, but if you are working with goals in mind, you can test, tweak, and expand on any new design.

Whether you want something specifically for your website, or to share on social media, working within the bounds of your brand identity will help you share your brand’s promise in a consistent way.

Want to Work Together on a Great Design Project?

I accept a limited number of graphic design projects at a given time, and I can’t wait to talk to you if a design with personality sounds like what you need. I’ve helped brands, bloggers and small business owners with all kinds of graphic design projects, including:

  • Branding Design
  • Web and WordPress Design
    • New WordPress Site Design
    • Customization of Existing WordPress Site
  • Banner Ads
  • Social Media Covers and Backgrounds
  • Social Media Images for Social Sharing
  • Blog Post Images
  • Infographics

If my kind of design sounds like what you need, I would love to hear from you!