WordPress Service for You – Geeky Packs!

Only available for current clients, Geeky Packs are one way to handle WordPress service on a one-time or regular basis. If you have updates, customizations, coding cleanup or any other kind of WordPress work I offer you can purchase Geeky Packs to streamline my hourly service AND gain a bit of a discount not available to the public!


I don’t blame you, I think it’s pretty rockin’ too!

What kind of WordPress Services can you hand off to me?

  • theme customizations
  • CSS clean-up
  • WordPress dashboard cleanup
  • Updates (although you might instead want to consider a maintenance plan instead!)
  • Backups (see above … I do this as part of my maintenance plans too!)
  • Basic troubleshooting

What is NOT able to go under a Geeky Pack purchase?

  • Design work
  • Graphic creation
  • Custom theme design

If you aren’t sure about one-time or ongoing work and whether it might be covered, just ask!

One-time or Monthly services?

If you aren’t positive whether you need one-time or monthly services, purchase a Geeky Pack and see how long you work through the hours with me. If you tend to regularly use up a set number of hours every month, then you know the subscription would serve you well. You can always cancel or change plans at any time!

Hours accumulate and can be used for up to 1 year from purchase date. So you can use an hour or two each month and use the accumulated hours in the future for a bigger project.

Awesome, right?

Well I think so, but I’m biased.

So What’s the Catch?

Basically, I can only accept a limited number of clients because I do all work myself or through my assistant. I don’t want to be a huge company 😀 Lock in your rates and purchase now because

  1. I’ll only accept 10 Geeky Packs per month (one-time and monthly combined)
  2. My rates are likely to raise
  3. I wanna work with you! (Well, unless you’re mean. You aren’t mean, are you?)

So, purchase your pack below and I’ll be in touch by email for more details and to set you up on one of my dashboards, like Basecamp, so we can organize your needs!

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