What Love Does

Love – In the Ordinary and the Extraordinary

Our lives are changed by the power of ‘What Love Does’ …

Two kids under 2-years-old.  Over a dozen therapy appointments a week. A specialist appointment or two thrown in for good measure.

I was a young wife and mother too tired to care about dishes or laundry, barely hanging on to the edge of my own sense of overwhelm. And my Aunt would show up out of the blue … sometimes to watch the kids, sometimes to push a $20 my way even though they barely had anything extra themselves.

I’d demur; I’d apologize for the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry; I’d apologize for being so poor, so overwhelmed.

Her response was simple and earnest and heartfelt  … “Well, honey, that’s what love does.”

Writing Project: ‘What Love Does’

Explore the fine lines that weave through all our lives, evidence of what love does through the everyday and extraordinary acts that we do for one another.